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Woodshed Mevus

Woodshed Mevus

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Mevus, a sleek metal storage shed with a 2-millimeter corten steel wall, is an excellent investment for your home and yard's security. Ideal for keeping firewood, grilling logs, or hearth fuel dry and out of the wind and rain. It's a fascinating, aesthetically beautiful addition to the garden's stock that, in addition to its useful functions, stands out for its unique style. Because of its honeycomb-like appearance, spring and summer in Mevus are times of relaxation and rejuvenation.

Corten steel's properties, wherein a thin coating of copper oxides is released onto the surface of products made of corten due to the careful selection of alloying elements, make it an ideal material for the woodshed because it requires almost no maintenance and retains its original properties over time. This coating, on the other hand, is airtight, long-lasting, and doesn't eat into the material at all, so there's no reduction in sheet thickness and no flaking. As a result, items constructed from corten steel last a long time and need minimal upkeep.

You may make the Mevus woodshed into whatever shape you like by connecting multiple sheds together with our Mevus connector (sold separately).

Sold in packages of 3 units

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