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Trill- Steel planter

Trill- Steel planter

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Genus is a corten steel planter in the shape of a triangle. Perfect as a unique replacement for the usual layout of outdoor spaces including gardens, terraces, and balconies. The planter looks great in homes furnished in a wide variety of modern themes, including Scandinavian, rustic, loft, industrial, and many others. Its singular appearance is sure to garner a great deal of interest in public places like cafes, parks, and promenades throughout the city. Corten steel planters last for a very long time and can withstand severe weather. Urban planners, interior designers, and landscape architects all praise corten planters for its unique, eye-catching style and many useful features. The unique design of corten steel planters can be appreciated in all of the planters' phases of use. A rough, rusty surface that works well with the greens of plants and flowers goes through continuous, dynamic color changes throughout the years. Corten steel goes from a light brown, warm tint immediately after manufacturing to an increasingly intense, deep black over a period of around 40 years. Products made from Corten are true pieces of art, and they're becoming more and more in demand every year. Corten steel planters greatly simplify the process of caring for plants by shielding them from flooding thanks to their built-in drainage system for severe rains. A solid foundation also eliminates the need for extensive groundwork.

The triangle Genus planter fits in seamlessly with the square Unus planter, creating a novel and intriguing visual link; it also works well alone as a decorative planter.

Corten steel was designed so that it wouldn't be necessary to paint structural steel for protection against the elements. Increased resistance to corrosion and adverse weather conditions is demonstrated by its composition of components including copper, chromium, nickel, and phosphorus. Copper oxides are released on the surface of items manufactured of corten through the appropriate selection of alloying components, creating a thin coating. This coating, on the other hand, is airtight, long-lasting, and doesn't eat into the material at all, so there's no reduction in sheet thickness and no flaking. As a result, items constructed from corten steel last a long time and need minimal upkeep.
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